Deadliest Warrior Sucks!!!

Well it is official I will be ditching that idiotic show, it really sucks. I just saw the Mafia vs Yakuza episode and it was stupid. Based on the past episodes they tend to favor slow brute strength over fast repeated accurate hits, and as far as i know speed and accuracy always wins a fight.

LOL, a mafioso doing martial arts moves, puhleeassse i never seen anything more retarded than that. They should measure POWER+SPEED+ACCURACY. brute power is nothing if you can't get accurate hits and follow up hits. They should measure muti-hits on multiple targets, time and score them.

That's it I'm never watching that show, such waste of time.


Yes, I agree... This show is actually one of the stupidest, "over-exagerated" shows that I have ever seen. The guys get a hard-on by seeing what weapons can do to people. Anyone with a knowledge of history and weapons know what they can do to people. Bottom-line is their "simulations" cannot come close to being accurate to "real-life" situations. I am an IT major and their program for who "wins" is a joke... I think these guys are biding for their very short lived air-time and are all major TOOLS... Bottom-line... GAY SHOW... I watched it a few times, laughed at their stupid analysis and if you want to see the truth, watch the military channel, or history channel. Anything on Spike, is nothing but a massive joke for the dumb people of the United States, which is getting dumber by the minute...

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