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Pioneer DEH-80 PRS 3way+Sub (7 channel) SQ Setup

I have recently upgraded my in car entertainment with a Pioneer head unit.
Set up is as follows
1 x DEH 80 PRS
2 x VSA silk dome tweeters
2 x VSA 3" Midrange speakers
2 x RE 6.5" Mid Bass
1 x Rockford Fosgate t110D2
1 x Lightning Lab 1850D 850w mono Amp
1 x Lightning Lab AM4110 4 channel Amp

DEH 80PRS Settings LOW - 80hz
MID LOW - 80hz
MID HIGH - 1.2khz
HIGH - 1.6khz

4 channel AMP Settings
LOW ~ 250hz (Bass +6db)
HIGH  255hz~

monobloc AMP Setttings
Used a tone generator to check and get them to playing
tweeters 1.6khz - up mids 255hz - 1.6khz
midbass 80hz - 250hz sub 18hz - 80hz
Adjusted the time alignment automatically at first using the built in fuction of the headunit then fine tuned using a doppler effect sound by ear. It just needed a nudge to properly align the singer center and eye level on the dash.
Images of the pillar mounted highs and mids

Some videos of the setup in action

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