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Max's Restaurant at Dasmarinas


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Map to Max's Dasmarinas

Max's Restaurant currently has over 120 branches in the Philippines. The chain also has branches in the US states of California, Hawaii, and New Jersey. The chain is also opening a branch in Toronto, its first branch in Canada. The chain is opening branch in Jersey City, New Jersey, its first branch on east coast.'s_of_Manila

I had the pleasure of photographing the Dasmarinas branch of Max's Restaurant. It had all the amenities that you'll ever need like large function rooms for Meetings, Weddings, Birthdays or any event.

The main dining hall is spacious with lots of very attentive crew to cater to you every need.

food is fast, service is great, highly recommended! So when ever in Dasmarinas Cavite, whether you need a place to host your functions or just hungry and need delicious food think Max's Dasmarinas.

From Nikon to Canon

I started photography May 2009, having a blast since then. My first DSLR was a Nikon d60, a bad newbie choice, I quickly outgrew it one month after using it. I needed something that could use affordable lenses and with a wireless commander. So i sold my d60 and bought a second hand d80, I was a happy camper, it had a pentaprism VF , more AF points and a CLS commander, of joy. I have been using it till October 2010, then i decided to try out videography.

There are a lot of cameras that i wanted to try out, Nikon 300s, Canon 7d, Sony SLT. but the Canon 7d was the clear winner so i got one, and boy it did not disappoint.

(photo taken by my 5year old, 3.2mp trusty point and shoot, Canon a510)

i will be attending some videography workshops to improve my skills as a videographer. it's gonna be a long and fun journey ahead.

Michael Cruz's review on David Tong's Blog on the Canon 7D

Specs on the Canon 7D

18.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor and Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors for high image quality…

My Latte Art

Testing out my Gaggia Espresso Pure, try my hand on microfoam and pouring latte art. Managed to make a heart, not rosetta yet, maybe soon.

Strobist information
Camera: Canon 7d + 50mm f1.8
f2 : 1/160 : iso 100
sb24 : 1/4 power : cam left : bounced ceiling
white reflector below camera

On camera flash for a fashion shoot?

Wow, i just saw Australia's next top model cycle 5 "London Calling" episode. I was laughing out loud when i saw that the photographer was using a single speedlight mounted on-cam. Well it was not a surprise that the output was shit and so unprofessional!

Oh gawd, can't they at least hire a better photographer for it? can you say deer in the headlights?

My new toy

I just got me a Gaggia Espresso Pure to replace my aging Krups steam espresso machine. I'm just glad that GE monogram distributes Gaggia products, I have been looking for a long time to get a hold of a decent espresso machine.

Still getting the hang of it, testing beans from different coffee outlets and diffrent grinds thru my Starbucks Barista burr grinder. Looking for that perfect Grind, Tamp and Pull. I'll get it eventually, and steaming milk is another challenge because the panarallo wand that came with it is no good for making microfoam latte, cappuccino yes, cafe latte nope.

I'm off to the local Starbucks for some beans, wish we had Illy or Lavazza here :(