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Yongnuo RF-603 flash tranceiver range test

I tried to compare the new Yongnuo RF-603 tranceiver against a Pocket Wizard Flex on a range shoot out.

Camera : Canon 50D + 70-200 IS f2.8L @ 200mm
Flash : 580exII
Triggers : PW flex / YN RF-603

For this test I will be using the PW tranceiver over the transmitter because it has an antenna for longer range. also I will be setting the PW to manual power, so no TTL.

I was not sure if it is because of the complex signals that the PW use, but the Yongnuo easily outranges the PW. The Yongnuo has been nothing but reliable, great range, but my only complain about it is the lack of lock on the foot, it sometimes drops or will not seat and contact well because of this.
More to come

Total Lunar Eclipse as seen in the Philippines

Stayed up late last night to document the lunar eclipse. It was clear skies all through out the first part of the eclipse but got covered by thick clouds on the peak of it, i did not get to shoot the ending phase.

i just figured out that you cannot shoot the moon using a slow shutter speed, the sucker moves fast, 1sec exposure is enough to blur it

Infrared Photography with a Canon 7D

Some photos using a canon 7d with a cheap 720 IR filter. post processed with CS4

Macro photography with a reverse ring 50mm

I want to try out macro photography but do not have the budget for a dedicated macro lens. I tried out a technique where you reverse mount a 50mm prime lens to take close up shots of small objects.

it is a hard technique because you need to focus your subject by moving your camera back end forth. as well as getting a dark viewfinder image while taking the shot.

here are some photos using this technique

Equipment used is a
-Canon 7d
-50m f1.8 (locked to f11)
-reverse ring
-extension tubes
-YN460 flash
-YN RF603 flash triggers