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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus


My old Longines gets a new strap

Longines  L2.539.1.53.6
with a Veloci metallic green genuine leather strap

Model DJs Hard at work


Restoring an 15 year old Oakley XX TiO2

First, remove the old flex coupler and replace with a better material. I used silicone rubber for this.  
 Assembled and cleaned the metal, replaced all the rubbers with white, nose bombs are from the spare ones i have from my x-squared, not a 100% fit but does the job nicely.

Replaced the lens with a Rudy Project "racing red" from my Rydon. Sent the lens to the local optometrist and had it cut and fit the frame

Some of the photos mounted lens.

Now this is music

I feel the same way, music nowadays are shallow, all about disrespecting women, get high, get drunk, party, get money (even steal) and buy more shit.

#ALSicebucket Haters... watch this...


Marvel themed sneakers from Reebok

Awesome photography by Ye-Wa
more information on Marvel Themed Sneakers


Leaked Apple Iphone 6 vs iphone 5s shell comparison

Leaked Iphone 6 shell vs the existing Iphone 5s. Interesting that the apple logo is cut out from the frame, a glowing logo perhaps? watch the video below by iCrackUriDevice

This is how game developers make money from gamers


Catching child predators with Skype

I admire this guy catching child predators while posing as a 13 year old girl. The internet can be a sick and perverted place, please be vigilant and monitor what your children are doing on the net, lots of sickos out there.

Kim Jong Un's Dance Moves

More on this news and how it angered the N/Korean officials. This is just too funny not to reblog.

Kubota FARM TRACTOR owned PICKUP TRUCK in Drag Racing !!!

I guess they race tractors in Thailand, fun stuff!!!

Kidnapping Modus Operandi

This is a repost from Mia Luna Maranan's FB Status upate July 20, 2014 around 2pm. My husband and I were together with our almost 5 years old boy were having coffee and dessert in Sugarhouse Alabang Town Center. While having our tete-a-tete and our son galloping around us, a girl about 6 or 7 years old suddenly appeared and holding our son’s hand saying, “Come, let’s play.” Good thing my son was standing between me and my husband when this happened. Perhaps, sensing something strange, my son, instead of being his usual friendly self, came closer to us looking at me as if asking for permission if it’s ok to play with this girl. I stared at the girl while she was holding our son’s hand and inviting him to come and play. I interrupted and asked, “Where are you going?” So she just pointed to the direction where the exit is (if you are familiar where Sugarhouse ATC is located, it is pretty much near one of the mall’s exit where commuters have easy ride access and is also near a barangay…

Pioneer DEH-80 PRS 3way+Sub (7 channel) SQ Setup

I have recently upgraded my in car entertainment with a Pioneer head unit.
Set up is as follows
1 x DEH 80 PRS
2 x VSA silk dome tweeters
2 x VSA 3" Midrange speakers
2 x RE 6.5" Mid Bass
1 x Rockford Fosgate t110D2
1 x Lightning Lab 1850D 850w mono Amp
1 x Lightning Lab AM4110 4 channel Amp

DEH 80PRS Settings LOW - 80hz
MID LOW - 80hz
MID HIGH - 1.2khz
HIGH - 1.6khz

4 channel AMP Settings
LOW ~ 250hz (Bass +6db)
HIGH  255hz~

monobloc AMP Setttings
Used a tone generator to check and get them to playing
tweeters 1.6khz - up mids 255hz - 1.6khz
midbass 80hz - 250hz sub 18hz - 80hz
Adjusted the time alignment automatically at first using the built in fuction of the headunit then fine tuned using a doppler effect sound by ear. It just needed a nudge to properly align the singer center and eye level on the dash.
Images of the pillar mounted highs and mids

Some videos of the setup in action

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