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Mudpack Festival

Attended the annual Mudpack Festival at Mambukal resort, Murcia, Negros Occ. Philippines. Locals cover their bodies with naturally colored clay. Had a blast covering the event.

Even some Korean Friends joined in.

More Here Mudpack Flickr SET

Bredco Sunset

Went to a local port with the wife. took some photos of the sunset. there were lots of other people enjoying the sunset too.


Went to an Art Exhibit by artist and good friend of mine Manny Montelibano, had lots of fun, enjoyed the exhibit. As they say artists inspire other artists, being there got my creative juices flowing. Managed to get some shots, good ones, although i reached the limit of the light gathering capabilities of my nikon 18-55 kit lens.

I'm not pretty good with words, but i hope my images can show you my experience.

Thank You!

Philippine Independence Day

Yeah, feeling patriotic this week, pulled out my Nikon D60 with a 18-55 kit lens and shot some photos on the new Bacolod Government Center while waiting for the wifey. Had some really nice shots. too bad I got sunburned from the heat.

i do love this country, it's those damn corrupt politicians running this country to the ground i hate so much, as well as those uto-uto crowd that could easily be manipulated by money, showbiz characters or some other means of distraction.

Airsoft Photoshoot

Photos here
Well it was a gloomy day, wished it wouldn't rain but the shoot must go on. Checked my gear and packed up for today's shoot, stuffed a borrowed 55-200mm lens and my D60 in my Maxpedition Colossus.

Picked up Sam on the way to the gamesite and grabbed some burgers while we were at it. We were at the site at around 12:30, ate the burgers while waiting for the Jonah to arrive. Jonah and Sam geared up and we went to the part of the site where the ruins were, then began the photoshoot.

All went well, pleased with the results but I had some over exposed shots, even when the exposure meter was at "0". I could just hear my uncle's words "always take 1 OE, 1 Normal and 1 Under" drat, I should have done that... oh well lesson learned.

Photos here

Deadliest Warrior Sucks!!!

Well it is official I will be ditching that idiotic show, it really sucks. I just saw the Mafia vs Yakuza episode and it was stupid. Based on the past episodes they tend to favor slow brute strength over fast repeated accurate hits, and as far as i know speed and accuracy always wins a fight.

LOL, a mafioso doing martial arts moves, puhleeassse i never seen anything more retarded than that. They should measure POWER+SPEED+ACCURACY. brute power is nothing if you can't get accurate hits and follow up hits. They should measure muti-hits on multiple targets, time and score them.

That's it I'm never watching that show, such waste of time.

Deadliest Warrior (Ninja vs Spartan)

Spartan Wins? that is stupid. I just saw an episode of Deadliest warriors which featured a simulated fight between a ninja and a spartan. based on the weapon stats and skills, the computer calculated over 1000 fight simulations and the results favored the spartan.

wow don't they even factor in tactics? there is a reason why Asian matial arts are alive and well today, because the were efficient and deadly, you would not see those deadly spartan killing arts being taught in a self defense class anytime soon.

Powdered glass in the eyes not counted as a kill? oh come on, a blind warrior is a dead warrior.

Please if add stealth, accuracy, muti-hit accuracy, speed, deception and tactics to the calculation.

That episode was pretty flawed, not to mention that indian looking ninja guy who does not even know how to swing a sword.

...And why not a Ninja vs Pirate match... STOOOPID

Photoshop post processing

tried my hand on post processing my photos. pretty tricky working with PS, i do need to read books the subject.

here's the result of one of my photos of a homeless person. wanted to get more dramatic contrast to the overall image with emphasis on the subject. i really like how this came out.

Have to learn how to make borders on my images to give it more oomph.

Pasalamat Festival 2009

Went to my friend Doc Rane's house over at La Carlota for some fiesta action, brought along my Nikon d60 and borrowed a 55-200 Vr lens from my sis. Too bad it was raining, i really wanted to take pictures without having to lug around an umbrella.

I was surprised that the set came out very well.

Full images and more here on my facebook

Can't wait for the next event to come along.

Nikon D60

Soooo, i got my hands on my first ever DSLR. great upgrade from my usual but ever so trusty Canon A510. Ever so grateful to my good friend Edison Tan over at Merchant Prince at 888 mall. He has the cheapest DSLR kits in Bacolod as well as memory cards and recordable discs.

Ok, lets get on to some test shots i made with the D60.

it came out pretty well, coming from a P&S camera i was amazed of what i can do with a DSLR.

Oh well another boring life of a geek

So what does someone like me look forward for? well nothing much... Just a brand spanking new laptop and a Gaggia espresso machine! too bad shipping to the Philippines takes a long time and expensive. I just can't wait to get my hands on those new fast laptops and get to brew espresso to perfection every morning.