Deadliest Warrior (Ninja vs Spartan)

Spartan Wins? that is stupid. I just saw an episode of Deadliest warriors which featured a simulated fight between a ninja and a spartan. based on the weapon stats and skills, the computer calculated over 1000 fight simulations and the results favored the spartan.

wow don't they even factor in tactics? there is a reason why Asian matial arts are alive and well today, because the were efficient and deadly, you would not see those deadly spartan killing arts being taught in a self defense class anytime soon.

Powdered glass in the eyes not counted as a kill? oh come on, a blind warrior is a dead warrior.

Please if add stealth, accuracy, muti-hit accuracy, speed, deception and tactics to the calculation.

That episode was pretty flawed, not to mention that indian looking ninja guy who does not even know how to swing a sword.

...And why not a Ninja vs Pirate match... STOOOPID


Agree, it is a flawed show and a very stupid show... Like I say to everyone, these guys are major TOOLS... However, they take "warriors" which 75% of the people are not warriors (mafia a warrior... My ass.... They are a gangster, nothing else... What a you know what JOKE). If they want to be accurate, then they should take warriors, REAL WARRIORS from the same time in humanities short history and pit them against one-another. The truth is that Romans were way before the Ninja's and Roman's fought in a in-penetrable group called a falanx (spelling is wrong), which a group of Spartins would beat a group of Ninjas, however one on one it would be a close battle, however the technology of the little Chink would probably lead them to victory, but then again Spartains were heavily armored, had a broad shield and heavy weapons. The only real way to see who would win, is to build a time machine, gather the two in real-life and make them fight. Not possible, so this show should be off the air and these TOOLS should go back to ejaculating with one another on their 2-seasons of this pathetic show. They know nothing of history and it proves it time and time again.

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