Pioneer DEH-80 PRS 3way+Sub (7 channel) SQ Setup

I have recently upgraded my in car entertainment with a Pioneer head unit.
Set up is as follows
1 x DEH 80 PRS
2 x VSA silk dome tweeters
2 x VSA 3" Midrange speakers
2 x RE 6.5" Mid Bass
1 x Rockford Fosgate t110D2
1 x Lightning Lab 1850D 850w mono Amp
1 x Lightning Lab AM4110 4 channel Amp

DEH 80PRS Settings
LOW - 80hz
MID LOW - 80hz
MID HIGH - 1.2khz
HIGH - 1.6khz

4 channel AMP Settings
LOW ~ 250hz (Bass +6db)
HIGH  255hz~

monobloc AMP Setttings

Used a tone generator to check and get them to playing
tweeters 1.6khz - up
mids 255hz - 1.6khz
midbass 80hz - 250hz
sub 18hz - 80hz

Adjusted the time alignment automatically at first using the built in fuction of the headunit then fine tuned using a doppler effect sound by ear. It just needed a nudge to properly align the singer center and eye level on the dash.

Images of the pillar mounted highs and mids

Some videos of the setup in action

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Big Man said…
Hello, I have a PRS80 and am planning a 3-way + sub system also.

I'm curious, why didn't you use the RCA-Front outputs to run your midranges and the RCA-Rear outputs to run your mid bass speakers?
Epicuros said…
I've had this unit for about a year, but I am totally unable to adjust all the parameters involved. Fisrt thing I need to know is the meaning of the term "Network" in this context. There are no networks in my car, but I guess Pioneer mean something diffeent. Do they mean woofer-mids-tweeters as one network each? If so I find this confisng! Then how am I supposed to know what the correct filter settings (slope and dB) would be? There is no guidance in the manual or anywhere else... Is there any place in the web that offers some advice for the ignorant? Thanks.
Jomi Garrucho said…
@Big Man

I am using network mode. using the 3 outputs available.
High - Mid - Bass

the only change i made was split the mids to a High-Mid & Low-Mid
Jomi Garrucho said…
@Epicuros: yes network mode means, audio outputs are divided to high/mid/low and not front/rear

you will have different settings on the menu while on network mode too
Big Man said…
Running the tweets off of the speaker outputs, do gain levels not come into play? I'm thinking the external amplifiers being able to outmuscle the Pioneer's internal amp for the tweets.

If that's not an issue, do the tweets "keep up" when you twist the volume knob?

I thought of doing it your way but the idea of using high quality, external amps for most of the drivers, but then the less powerful, internal Pioneer amp for the tweets makes me wary.

Thanks for any input you can give!
Jomi Garrucho said…
@Big Man

yes, it does respond to the volume knob, you can adjust gains on the network menu.

on normal listening levels the headunit powered tweets can keep up, tweets do not really require that much power. but if you want more flexibility and power running it off its own amplifier would the best way to go.

i just had it run off the headunit power because of the lack of space and funds :)
Gert said…
I have recently upgraded my in car entertainment with a Pioneer head unit. Set up is as follows ...
Felix Baeton said…
Nice setup man. I just got a 80prs and am planning on upgrading everything else.

Question: would it be possible to power everything with one amp? My car just has two front speakers, two front tweeters, and two rear speakers. I might add a subwoofer. If one amp is technically feasible, would it be still not be a good idea because it would defeat the benefit of the 80PRS's network mode? Or could I still use network mode with one amp?

GoodGrief said…
Excellent work man!

Do you find any time alignment issues brought about from having the mids geographically separated, but only being able to time adjust them together?

Seems like having more speakera than can be controlled individually could make creating a perfect sound stage challenging.

Jomi Garrucho said…
@GoodGrief, True, it is a challenge, the sound stage is not perfect but good enough, i think the best setup would be using a high end 2way component for the stage.
Jomi Garrucho said…
@Felix Baeton, yeah, i would go with a 5 channel amp, use the existing front tweets and midbass, would not use the rear speakers but use a subwoofer, a small one would do. with time alignment the sound stage would be awesome.

if budget is an issue
2 x tweets = 80PRS powered
2 x midbass = amp powered
1 x powered sub
Nick Ar said…
Can you tell me if the 80PRS can do a 2 way active with the onboard amp? For example, front speaker outputs -> high, rear speaker outputs ->mid, and the low with an external amp via the RCA out. I can't find this information anywhere
Silvia AS said…
I have
2x amp 4 channel
2x mid
2x tweeter
2x midbass
2x coax speaker
2x passive crossover 2 channel
1x subwoofer
What can i do with pioneer deh80prs for 3 way best result?
Patrick said…
If it will help anyone here's my setup:

PRS-80 High RCA feeds 2x channels of #1 4-channel amp, then goes to Tweeters mounted in dash. (crossed over in the PRS-80 at 3.15KHz)

PRS-80 Mid RCA feeds 4x channels of #2 4-channel amp, then goes to Midranges mounted in dash and Mid-basses mounted in doors. (crossed over in the PRS-80 at 3.15KHz, then crossed in #2 amp at 300Hz-100Hz for the Mid-basses, and 300Hz-3.15KHz for the Midranges)

PRS-80 Sub RCA summed and then feeds 2x channels of #1 4-channel amp, then goes to single 12" Sub. (crossed over in the PRS-80 at 100Hz).
Wow esos tweeters son muy buenos los puedes poner a tocar a 1.6khz todas maneras suena exelente
I have Focal 165 KRX3 and want to setup the tweets to the head unit as you have in your setup. How did you split the mids? Are you using the from RCA in your setup? Do you use the amps crossover to do both mids and mid lows? if so did you use a Y slitter to have 4 RCA out to the amp for the mid and mid\lows? or are you using some other kind of cross over. Thanks for any help. Great setup. :)
Big Man said…
Pioneer HU in 3-way Network Mode

From Pioneer HU
Top (Rear) RCA - High HPF: to MB Quart amp for Tweeters
(HPF) Pass everything from 3.15KHz up to tweeters

Middle (Front) RCA - Mid HPF/LPF: to Polk amp for Midrange and Midbass drivers
(LPF) Pass everything from 3.15 kHz down to 80Hz
(HPF) Pass everything from 80 Hz up to 3.15KHz
Then use the Polk’s onboard crossover to do a 2-way crossover @ 300Hz with 300Hz to 3.15KHz going to midrange in dash and 80Hz to 300Hz going to mid bass in door

Bottom (SW) RCA - Low LPF: Direct to MB Quart amp for Subwoofer
(LPF) Pass everything from 80Hz down to Subwoofer
Big Man said…
No Y splitter needed, the Polk will take 2 channels and split it to give 4 channels.
Unknown said…
Hi, how did you set up TA with midrange and midbass, which are on seperate location?
Patrick said…
I didn't, my setup won't allow TA. I did just recently change my crossover from 3.15KHz to 10KHz and man, that really made a difference! Most likely because my midrange drivers are the best drivers in my system, they're Scanspeak 4". When I changed the crossover to feed them everything from 300Hz up to 10KHz they really came alive.

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