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Cdr King TT520 Flash Unit, Optical Slave and Recycle Test, Godox rebrand

I. Slave mode response First up i tested the optical slave on the TT520 flash and check how it performs. the TT52o is set to "s1" mode, on this mode it will respond to any quick burst of light. the trigger is a Nikon sb28 unit set on repeating flash.

First on 20 flashes @ 10hz

Then on 20flashes @ 20hz

II. Recycle time After that I tested the recycle time of the TT520 on full power. the TT52o is set to "s1" mode, on this mode it will respond to any quick burst of light. the trigger is a Nikon sb28 unit set on manual 1/64 power.

So far so good, works flawlessly. I like the response time of the slave (s1) and can keep up with the sb28 repeating flash as well as the 3 second recycle time on full power. I will be testing this flash on the field and see how it performs on an actual shoot.
More to come.

Cdr King TT520 Flash Test, Godox rebrand

We'll be looking at the new CDR King TT520 flash. First off this is a manual flash without any TTL functions.
*** note the fake rubber flap, There is nothing under that rubber flap. I think it is a provision for some pc sync connection or external power, made for more advanced models.

Stats are as follows

Specifications on paper
Guide Number 33
Flash Modes M, S1, S2
Tilt 0 – 90°
Swivel 0 – 270°
Power Source 4 * AA batteries
Recycle Time 0.5 – 5s
Output Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
Colour Temperature 5600K +/-200K
Flash Duration 1/800 ~ 1/2000s
Dimensions 190 * 75 * 55mm
Net Weight 286g

Package includes
# 1 x Flash light
# 1 x Protecting bag
# 1 x Mini stand
# 1 x User manual

Test results (Actual)
- Works on camera hotshoe no problem (Canon 7d) - Works off-camera slave s1 triggered by manual popup flash - Works off-camera slave s2 ignoring preflash - Works off-camera mounted on RF 603c wireless tranceivers - Recycle time is 3 seconds on full power

Power test Camera : Canon 7d set at f9
All fl…

Yongnuo RF-603 flash tranceiver range test

I tried to compare the new Yongnuo RF-603 tranceiver against a Pocket Wizard Flex on a range shoot out.

Camera : Canon 50D + 70-200 IS f2.8L @ 200mm
Flash : 580exII
Triggers : PW flex / YN RF-603

For this test I will be using the PW tranceiver over the transmitter because it has an antenna for longer range. also I will be setting the PW to manual power, so no TTL.

I was not sure if it is because of the complex signals that the PW use, but the Yongnuo easily outranges the PW. The Yongnuo has been nothing but reliable, great range, but my only complain about it is the lack of lock on the foot, it sometimes drops or will not seat and contact well because of this.
More to come

Total Lunar Eclipse as seen in the Philippines

Stayed up late last night to document the lunar eclipse. It was clear skies all through out the first part of the eclipse but got covered by thick clouds on the peak of it, i did not get to shoot the ending phase.

i just figured out that you cannot shoot the moon using a slow shutter speed, the sucker moves fast, 1sec exposure is enough to blur it

Infrared Photography with a Canon 7D

Some photos using a canon 7d with a cheap 720 IR filter. post processed with CS4

Macro photography with a reverse ring 50mm

I want to try out macro photography but do not have the budget for a dedicated macro lens. I tried out a technique where you reverse mount a 50mm prime lens to take close up shots of small objects.

it is a hard technique because you need to focus your subject by moving your camera back end forth. as well as getting a dark viewfinder image while taking the shot.

here are some photos using this technique

Equipment used is a
-Canon 7d
-50m f1.8 (locked to f11)
-reverse ring
-extension tubes
-YN460 flash
-YN RF603 flash triggers

Churrasco Food Photography

I was hired by churrasco restaurant to photograph their offerings. Gear used was a canon 7d with a tamron 17-50 f2.8 lighting setup was simple, just an umbrellabox on a lightstand and a bare speedlight pointed up a white ceiling for fill. triggers used were the new yongnuo rf603

slideshow was made using windows movie maker.

Difference in Light Modifiers

Difference in light modifiers, taken from my strobist workshop I taught in Bacolod.

i used a canon 7d and a canon 70-200 f2.8L ISII

flash was an SB600, varying power camera left. background was around 6 feet away. different modifiers have different effect on the subject and background

no post-process, for actual output off the camera

Bare flash head

Reflective silver Umbrella

Shoot thru Umbrella

Grid Spot (black straw)


Beauty Dish

Canon 7d Videography

My first video work using a Canon 7d. now I'm wishing I can get hold of some glidecams and sliders, and maybe a fast computer for editing.

I enjoyed shooting it, hope you enjoy watching it too.

Hoshii Japanese Food Shoot

I really love Japanese food, and when I was contracted to photograph some food of a local Japanese restaurant, wow, who was I to say no. :)

Equipment used was a canon 7d with a Tamron 17-50 f2.8
3 flashes triggered remote by yongnuo rf603.

I am really digging this new triggers, will post a review of these flash tranceivers soon.

Black Card Technique - Landscapes

This might be useful for people who wants to get into landscape photography but but do not have those expensive graduated neutral density filters.

this is a technique where you use a black opaque card to block and feather the bright parts of the frame on a long exposure shot.

1.first take the exposure of the sky ex : 5sec@f9
2.then the exposure of the foreground ex : 15sec@f9
3.block the the bright parts of the frame with a black card
4. take the shot while moving the black card up and down slightly to "feather" the graduation line for 10seconds.
5. remove the black card an let the sky expose for the remaining 5 seconds.

here are my takes on this technique

My take on this technique.
Shot with no filters, just a black wallet to block the bright areas of the frame
13 sec exposure, 7sec with the black wallet on then removed for the rest of the exposure.
i kinda like it better than using my ND grads looks way sharper.

30sec exposure, 24 sec with the black card, aperture at f9

30sec exposure,…

Max's Restaurant, Corner Bakery at Dasmarinas

Max's Dasmarinas Corner Bakery

Here are some mouth watering delights available at Max's Corner Bakery

Brewed Coffee

Cappuccino and Cookies

Caramel Cream Cake

Cheesy Mamon

Choco Crinkles

Choco and Banana Loaf

Choco Cream Fudge

Cinnamon Rolls

Hot Chocolate and Lady Fingers

Lady Fingers

MCB Cold Beverages


Ensaimada and Coffee

Banana Cake Slices

Cake Slices

Caramel Bars

The house that fried chicken built. The restaurant to go if you need good food, hold wedding receptions, babtism, birthday celebration, family reunion, debut, office events, corporate events and functions, vow renewal, party or parties, gimmicks in Dasmarinas Cavite.

Max's Dasmarinas Facebook Page

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Map to Max's Dasmarinas