Sony NW-A55 working with iFi iDSD nano BL

For those who are curious on if the Sony NW-A55 Walkman will work with the iFi iDSD Nano BL. Well using the Sony WMC-NWH10 cable it does.
Connected using the Sony WMC-NWH10
Tested with a DSD128 file, lights up CYAN
Sony A55 + iFi iDSD BL + KZ AS10
Modified 3.5mm Balanced on the IEMatch port

Conclusion : it worked perfectly. I can use more demanding cans with this setup now. Using sensitive IEMs like the AS10 eliminates all the unwanted hiss when plugged in the IEMatch port.

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Custom Game of Thrones the Iron Throne

Using plastic cocktail swords,
And some popsicle sticks
Painted the wood black for the base
Using a lighter and hot glue, melted the swords to conform to the base and secured with glue
Added some styrene strips for filler swords
Test black base
Added more swords to the sides
Black based
Dry brushed and weathered
360 video
With aile strike Gundam on the throne