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Custom Game of Thrones the Iron Throne

Using plastic cocktail swords,
And some popsicle sticks
Painted the wood black for the base
Using a lighter and hot glue, melted the swords to conform to the base and secured with glue
Added some styrene strips for filler swords
Test black base
Added more swords to the sides
Black based
Dry brushed and weathered
360 video
With aile strike Gundam on the throne

Custom 3D printed Obiwan Kenobi starwars lightsaber with crystal chamber

Fresh from the printer Test fit Building the crystal chamber from styrene and TV antennas Found a crystal from a thrift store Shaped the crystal with dremel sanding drum Added the white LED Painted with Tamiya hull red + orange then added salt Painted Tamiya dark iron + black mix over the salt Salt removed Dry brushed with Tamiya enamel chrome silver
Crystal chamber installed
Weathering with black oil paints Finished saber
Got the 3D file from